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Sunday, December 26th 2010

 6:32 am
Wow, it's been awhile. How is everyone?

Saturday, November 15th 2008

 1:59 pm
Wu-Steve: I'm updating from my house.
Ambrosia: Yeah...and?
Wu-Steve: You wouldn't understand.
Ambrosia: Try me.
Wu-Steve: Let's start by saying that it's amazing seeing as I don't have the internet.
Ambrosia: ...
Ambrosia: Clean my litter box, nerd.
Kratos: MEOW!!

Saturday, February 10th 2007

 What's up, rock n rollers?
 5:29 pm
Anyone who thinks they should come to my house definitely should. Tonight. Don't know how to get here? Call someone who does, like me. What's my phone number? 571-8431. If you plan on staying, I would recommend bringing a pillow and blanket. Oh, and lots of beers and liqours. We'll fucking rock n roll.

P.S. I guess show up around 9? Or whenever.

Tuesday, December 26th 2006

 8:34 pm
I found Scrub's pirate shot glass today. I keep forgetting to tell him that I have it. Someone remind me.
Turns out I won't have to work this Saturday. I suppose that means another three day weekend. Fuck, this one is going to hurt. Where the hell has Clint been?
If it happens to be your 21st birthday today, then, Happy 21st!

Sunday, December 10th 2006

 11:04 pm
Nate from work came out today. We played Halo 2 for a couple of hours. Alex should come out after finals and play too.
Last night I went to that one house in Middletown where those 4 guys live. Alex and I played Madden '04 twice and I was defeated both times.
Ryan and I watched the Bengals game at my sister's house with Dave.
I guess I should hit the hay soon. Winter wouldn't be so bad if the weather was like this all season. Fuck snow and fuck you for liking it.

Saturday, December 2nd 2006

 2:54 pm
The radio in my car was playing Freebird for about a minute before I realized I was actually listening to it. I changed the station and got a song about dancing in the street. Which is ridiculous seeing as it's so cold.
I ordered pizza online yesterday. Pizza Hut gives you a nice discount the first time you use it, but charge a 2 dollar delivery fee. Does that mean you're not supposed to tip? Speaking of delivering, I saw Ryan making an illegal U-turn on Cincy-Dayton Rd. yesterday in Monroe. Fuckin' hillarious.
Man, do I ever need a urinal in this basement.

Wednesday, November 29th 2006

 6:13 pm
I finally ordered a pair of glasses. Also, contacts that won't mind if you sleep with them. Take that Clint! My pupils are fucking huge, I'm a sucker for dilation.
Bengals game tomorrow. Friday morning hangover!
Tyler's dog is starting to grow on me. He's fucking cute.
Anyone else watch Heroes? I'd be nice to discuss it with some people.

Tuesday, November 28th 2006

 6:34 pm
Tenacious D rock too hard.
Thanks/you're welcome to anyone who came out last Saturday. Appologies to anyone I pissed off. You guys know how to bring a party. Can't wait to see what happens if the next one is actually planned. I doubt we'll see as many chicks. I'm still drinking on the 30 pack you girls pitched in to get.
I think Joey showed me this awhile back. It's worth a try. Check out old livejournal. Brought back some memories.
Rock out for life you fuckin' monkeys!

Wednesday, November 22nd 2006

 9:37 pm
What's up faggots?

Obey the sign

More later, I'm off to see how the greatest band in the world became so.

Monday, July 17th 2006

 10:29 pm
Mondays are for suckers.
The Star Trek episode of Futurama is coming on tonight. That's awesome. Also, Robot Chicken last night was really good.
Does anyone remember Jack Dangers? I wonder what he is up to. I bet Joe can find a way to get in touch.

Wu-Steve out!

Tuesday, July 11th 2006

 9:48 pm
What's happened since my last entry?
My birthday weekend ruled. Last weekend ruled a lot too.
I said earlier this summer that I was going to California before the season ended. Thinking positive works sometimes. Two months from now will be the 5 year anniversary of September 11th and the last time I was in California. So, guess who's going back?
I wish Clint liked me enough to call. I don't have any Kid Dynamite, but I'm still kind of cool.
The fuel pump in my vehicle is dead.

Monday, June 26th 2006

 10:14 pm
I was in Steeler country. It was all hilly. Thanks again Nikki for letting us hang. (David Cassidy is shorter in person)
I was also in a country right outside of Motor City. We were fortunate enough to miss all that snow. I think I saw Kid Rock trading punches with Jack White.
Where will this weekend take me?

Wednesday, May 24th 2006

 5:26 pm
I think England has more overcast days than Seattle. Judging from the movies I've seen.
I have a present for Scruby-Wub. I'll let that drive him nuts for a couple days. Then again, it's not that hard to figure out.
Lost finale tonight, for anyone who's been under a rock. Really sorry that I won't be there tonight Dude.
I wouldn't recommend watching the show unless you've been there since the beginning.
Fuck Anna Lucia.

Tuesday, May 23rd 2006

 5:55 pm
Whoops, forgot I was making posts again.
I bought an mp3 player that costs a lot less than an i-Pod. It plays music!
Garage sale weekend fucking ruled. God bless all the great friends I have. Anyone who didn't see Scrub on Saturday should be jealous right now. I love being able to sing songs about skateboarding without actually being able to skate.
I guess I'm invited to Dude's house for a Lost season finale party. You gotsta give me some directions. Also, I hope Lloyd and Tosh are invited.

Wednesday, May 17th 2006

 5:31 pm
Clint got me thinking about fried chicken. I remember sitting at Bojangles in South Carolina and how disgusted Stacey's face looked ;)
Alex needs to come over and watch TV with me like he used to. I have at least one episode of Spongebob he hasn't seen yet.
I think Lloyd and Tosha are coming out later. Maybe they can help me drink this bottle of Canadian whisky. Joe helped me out yesterday and the whisky helped me get through EDtv. God, please don't let me be pregnant!
I was cleaning out some of the filth in the pool earlier, but it's still too cold to swim Scrub.

Monday, May 15th 2006

 10:43 pm
Wow, what a weekend. Dude was there and everything.
Apologies if you like CSI, but it's the worst show next to CSI:Miami. It's like watching a bad episode of The Chappelle Show, you want to laugh but can't unless you're with a group of semi-intelligent people.
Props to Michael for playing Halo for fucking ever. I think he set a new record.
Floss party! You ain't cool unless you bleed between every tooth! If I had AC(LIGHTNING BOLT)DC on my computer, I would hit that detect music button.

Thursday, May 11th 2006

 5:17 pm
Has anyone else noticed how green all the trees are now? Makes you think all the world's a sunny day, oh yeah.
I hope Alex records soon. Also, I hope I'm invited.
I dropped a raisin and it's too dark in here to find. It's here somewhere.
I was at my sister's house yesterday playing around with their fucked up computer. Supposedly, they paid someone money to fix it. The guy who fixed it probably stopped by a gas station on the way home and picked up a 12 pack. After drinking said beer, stumbles out to his car to retrieve the computer that he forgot about. Probably dropping it once. Then, installs a "new" DVD burner, Nero, and a copy of DVD Shrink (which is an awesome and free program). Then finally, jacks off to some adware infested porn. The next day, he delivers the computer fully updated with "like 700 dollars worth of programs" and a re-installed version of XP. Mysteriously, having some of the same folders and programs I've seen on that computer before.
I hope Alex records today, it would be nice to get out of the house for a little while.

Tuesday, May 9th 2006

 10:55 pm
I don't know enough about this season of American Idol. Who does? I think a girl wins every year.
I better catch up on some sleep. There is at least one good reason to do so. Mostly, to dream about Clint's mom. I wish I knew her name.

Monday, May 8th 2006

 8:48 pm
I'm making a copy of School of Rock for Alex. It stars Jack Black Cock.
I bet if the four horsemen do come, the government will send in the Army to defend us. Hopefully, they'll come in September. On or around the 11th. Take that Kirk Cameron.
Ronnie James Dio rules.
By the way, what happened last Friday and Saturday night? I think I remember Saturday afternoon.
In conclusion, let's not allow George Clooney to do anything that doesn't involve the Coen brothers.

Friday, May 5th 2006

 6:26 pm
The fifth of every month should be celebrated drinking fifths of liquor. Today is a special fifth though, it's May. Let's all get piss drunk listening to The Pogues celebrating a Spanish holiday. Plus, it's fucking Friday.
I can guarantee this isn't the funniest thing you've ever seen, but it's still damn funny.

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