Steve (taffy) wrote,

I think England has more overcast days than Seattle. Judging from the movies I've seen.
I have a present for Scruby-Wub. I'll let that drive him nuts for a couple days. Then again, it's not that hard to figure out.
Lost finale tonight, for anyone who's been under a rock. Really sorry that I won't be there tonight Dude.
I wouldn't recommend watching the show unless you've been there since the beginning.
Fuck Anna Lucia.
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Oh man, I dig surprises. given my jostled memory of the weekend, i'm guessing it's either beer, sunglasses, a pink shirt, beer, or pizza. I will probably be where ever we are on friday super late due to a show I have to play...but I'll bring the party in the form of a can and a bottle when I get there.
Scrub, I truly wish we could be the two brothers from The Boondock Saints.
that's why they invented blood brothers. We'll swap a little hepitius, grab a couple guns, a bottle of tequela, make dude grow his hair back out and talk like he's from boston, and start shootin up some bad dudes.
I am watching Satellite TV channels on my Laptop for Free lying in my backyard.
Do you?
What ever happened to regular updates. BOOO!!!
Dude, I really don't know. I guess it's the lack of creative talent. Come over and give me some creative motivation!!