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Thursday, May 4th 2006

 8:17 pm
Today is officially Quarto de Mayo, which means we'll have to wait until tomorrow to make up some reason to drink. Heavily. To celebrate a foreign holiday that Lloyd probably knows all about. I think it has something to do with watching George Romero flicks.
There's a movie about Gram Parsons that I didn't know about. So far it's about Johnny Knoxville drinking High Life and wearing said beer advertisement on his shirt. I hope later Gram Parson's body will be cremated, unnaturally.
Re watching episodes of Stella has been good to me. Fell free to borrow/download episodes so we can all enjoy inside quotes. Anchorman quotes seemed to have faded away to a few giggles.

Wednesday, May 3rd 2006

 4:29 pm
I can't find my debit card. I bet buying/drinking beer has something to do with that.
I think I'm gonna try to squeeze in two movies today. I wonder if Tom Hanks has any good acting left in him.
New episode of Lost tonight.

Tuesday, May 2nd 2006

 9:58 pm
Outside finishing the last Backwoods brand cigar, I noticed the first mayfly of the year. Then will come the June bugs, followed by the July ticks, then the overwhelming August mosquitoes, and finally the inevitable September holocaust. May we all have a happy summer.
Netflix sent me 4 movies today, all at the same time. I guess it's better than getting them all on a Friday. I mean, who has time to watch anything on the weekends?
Speaking of movies, we should all watch this one I have this weekend.
If I make enough this paycheck, I'll make sure to buy myself something special. I'll give you a hint: It will not be an Ipod. Unless of course the new solar powered model is debuted. I actually read something about a solar powered cell phone earlier. Who knew?

 7:29 am
I need someone to blast Andrew W. K. in my ear all day today. Until I literally puke.

Monday, May 1st 2006

 10:00 pm
I came home last night expecting to fall asleep right away. Sunday night sleep is the most necessary but hardest to accomplish. I blame the kick ass movies that insist on starting at 10pm. That's really no excuse because I've seen Robots at least twice and found myself watching it again. At a time when I should have been dreaming of not waking up with a hang over and a fresh bottle of water when I do wake.
Believe it or not, pizza pancakes will not disappoint a hungry stomach. You will all find out one day.

 2:10 am
I'm beginning to miss this. The whole livejournal thing. I know most of you are seasoned professionals and my posts won't be nearly as funny as Clint's, but I'll give it a try again.
There's a band called Wolfmother that should go down in history as the next Creed. Take it with a grain of salt as I don't usually listen to modern bands.
I speak for all of us who stayed at Stacey's all weekend when I say thanks. Good food and good times. God bless you guys. I ate nearly an entire chicken. Apparently for Clint, it's not the first time. Then again, there's a good chance he's experienced a lot more than I. Alex probably got head. Lloyd is really nice even when I don't deserve it. Tasha fucking rules at Donkey Konga.
On a scale from 1 to 10, let me know how much better your life would be with more posts from Steve.

Sunday, October 16th 2005

 12:11 am
Toe jam.

Friday, November 5th 2004

 4:00 am
Hey, it's Steve. Reputation 32 and climbing. Uhh, dave's team has been winning. slammy shaved my head. i didnt vote. im the nevarine. my dads now working 11 to 7's . . . . OR ARE HE?!?! me and lloyd work this friday 6 to 1. steve stock ruled. i heart the beatles. i'm taking a poop now and lloyd and skidmo are typing for me. But when SkidmoRE types he spells fully his own name. i still just sit and watch movies on my satellite tv all day. me and sidmo got my 'puter workin', but apparently mi padre has exnayed etha ernetinta. i watched lady killers the other day and loved it, (lloyd fell asleep). im still losing weight. we gots nes uniforms at work, along with new uniforms. miss kitty still meows whenever i try to fucking sleep. i enjoy cooking lloyd frozen pizza. tonight we called nikki while drunk. i partied at tosha's dad's without realizing it on saturday night. i love justus. the end. ps. brat's rules.

Monday, August 9th 2004

 2:31 pm
I (Alex) took this quiz for Wu-Steve too.

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Tuesday, July 6th 2004

 11:34 am
Nobody was here to see me eat this pizza. Honestly, it ruled. Now I'm going to watch Night Gallery like Ryan suggested.

Thursday, June 3rd 2004

 6:49 am
I'm on Josh O's computer. In a different state. Josh went to pick up some bagels. Everyone else is asleep. I see Ryan's old bass laying here in two different pieces. That is one punk rock bass. I'm going to steal the Be Sharps sticker on the back.
Can't find any vagina in virginia!

Tuesday, May 18th 2004

 2:57 am








Crotch Off

Reach for the lasers with Antic's Sims-ulator!


Tuesday, April 13th 2004

 M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E
 11:07 am
Cosmo Girl is playing tonight at Sudsy. I'll be there and be square.
Patrick Swayze is stupid.

Saturday, March 27th 2004

 6:53 pm
My face is probably red from sun exposure. I hope everyone I see will inform me of this too.
I love this weather. I think everyone can agree with me.
I want Alex's MST3K video collection.

Wednesday, March 24th 2004

 12:35 pm
Let's see what's on TV. Bringing Down the House, Growing Pains, or The Wiggles. Which one would you choose? Oh wait, Conan is on too.
I had such an urge to watch Mystery Science Theater yesterday. Alex was home and had just the fix I needed. It ruled.
We could probably still hike today. I'll leave it up to Claytron, because he is the heart and soul of Urban Hiking.

Wednesday, March 10th 2004

 6:01 pm
I found some garlic spread and now I make homemade garlic bread. I need to ground myself from The Sims and FreeCell. Then I could spend my time reading, writing, and doing arithmetics. Whatever those are.
My nephew is on his 6th hour playing Ocarina of Time. I guess that means I've been sitting around for 6 hours. I'll wait for the sun to go down and then roam the streets. I'm warrant-free!

Tuesday, February 24th 2004

 2:15 am
Joe and I scootered our legs off earlier. You don't need to do drugs or alcohol to enjoy scootering, but you're lame if you don't. I wish everyone could see how awesome it is to have those red flashing wheels. You would be highly jealous if you only knew.
Let's all go for a hike on Saturday.

Friday, February 20th 2004

 4:42 am
Joe and I split the money we had and bought a liter and a half of red wine. By the way, urban hiking rules.

Saturday, February 14th 2004

 3:49 pm
Feels good to have my window open.

Friday, January 30th 2004

 6:57 am
I shouldn't be awake this drunk.

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